Tiny House Turkey

Although Tiny house is located in the camping caravan sector, supply and demand have increased so much in recent years that it has become almost a stand-alone sector. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has a serious impact on this increase. For this reason, tiny house Turkey investments have started to be intensively researched and followed up. Accordingly, developments in the Tiny House market in Turkey have become one of the topics that tiny house enthusiasts and investors often research. We have also prepared our article for you, in which we have gathered information from the tiny house market in Turkey.

The most important feature that distinguishes tiny houses from caravans is that they are towed by a suitable motor vehicle, parked at the desired location and offer the possibility of living for a long or short time; creating a comfortable living space. In other words, tiny house is the priority choice of users who do not prefer to be constantly on the move, who want to live partially or permanently in a location. For this reason, the tiny house building system, the quality of indoor and outdoor materials, aesthetics and comfort are extremely important criteria.

Another important reason for the increase in investments in tiny house Turkey is that holiday facilities can be established quickly in nature or the capacity of the existing facility can be increased rapidly. Moreover, appealing to those who care about making their holidays in comfortable conditions means being able to provide services to a large target audience for investors.

Tiny House For Investors

Tiny house is now preferred instead of traditional methods to open a hotel or holiday resort integrated with nature. While it takes years for a hotel to come to life with traditional methods and it is necessary to intervene in the natural habitat, thanks to tiny house products, a facility can open its doors to its guests in 45 days.

In order for a hotel investment to be made, the location of the hotel is determined first. Then the necessary business permits are obtained, the land is made ready. As the latest business item, tiny house factory production starts. Investors can choose different models and different sizes of products specifically for the project. Thus, the facility management can market tiny house rooms in different categories and recommend the appropriate product according to the number of guests to stay or their needs. The tiny houses coming out of the factory are transferred to the land and parked in a suitable way for the project.

The Preference of Investors is Industrial Manufacturers

When it is necessary to look at the Turkish tiny house market in terms of production capacity and quality standards, we see a small number of large and industrial manufacturers. Investors usually prefer these manufacturers for their purchases. In this way, it makes sure that it can receive services on the delivery date of the order, the quality of the products, the warranty period and after-sales support.

There are also many medium and small-sized manufacturers in the Tiny House market in Turkey. These manufacturers work in workshops, etc., with less quantity, more manual labor, with a process where fabrication is in the background. As a result, all the details of the structures that look extremely aesthetic from the outside, but require collective production from a multidisciplinary point of view, have not been solved in the most accurate way, and material quality standardization may not have been achieved. Moreover, since profit maximization is an extremely important issue for medium and small businesses, production with the most economical costs is also mandatory. Individual users and investors should definitely carefully examine the manufacturer's quality standards when making tiny house price research. Regardless of individual or bulk purchase, quality and comfort conditions should be taken into account before aesthetics.

Tiny House Investments in Turkey

Now we can see many tiny house hotels and holiday resorts in Turkey sometimes while traveling and sometimes while browsing the Internet. The suitable plots selected for the positioning of the tiny house become available for parking the tiny house within a short period of 45 days after the necessary permits are obtained.

Mooble House, which has the leading and largest industrial tiny house production capacity in Europe, was also included in the opening of many hotels and holiday resorts. Moreover, production and project studies are continuing for investments that will be implemented soon.