Luxury Tiny Houses Will Accommodate You in 2023

Luxury Tiny Houses Will Accommodate You in 2023

Mooble House offers tourism investors and entrepreneurs of the lodging industry the opportunity to build hotels in nature with detached lifestyle in a very short time. With Mooble House's Towable Home models, you can offer an accommodation experience that will make your guests feel at home.

In this article, we are offering a list of the tiny house hotels where you can stay in 2023 and enjoy the opportunities they offer.

  • Villa La Fontana

The Villa La Fontana Tiny House was built to offer you a luxury and comfortable holiday experience in an area with full of 250 different plant varieties in Urla. With a capacity of 84 people, this tiny house is located in Cesme district of Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of Türkiye. It is 1 km from the pier and 1.5km from the beach and is the ideal location for sea holiday lovers. Featuring lake view and an outdoor swimming pool, the luxury tiny house also has a sauna, a basketball, a tennis court, and a sun terrace.

Villa La Fontana tiny house was planned in a way to meet different needs by Comfort and Suite room options. It is a splendid accommodation facility for those who want to plan their holiday in Izmir in a towable home.

  • Erim Farm

Upon strong demand by the frequenters of Gardemiel Restaurant, run by Erim family, mobile homes were positioned in the farm. Indeed, the frequenters of the restaurant wanted to spend more time staying at the farm after eating at the restaurant. One of the most important features of the farm is that they grow wild plant species that have not been genetically modified or hybridized, and they are found only in Northern Ankara. It is also known as an ideal gastronomy place since the menu in the restaurant consists of produce made from these unique plants.

  • Rita Ciftlik

Rita Ciftlik came to life in 2022 as the initiative of Ilker Ayrık, the beloved face of the screens. Located in the village of Beykoz Ishakli in Istanbul, Rita Ciftlik is a land featuring sustainable agriculture, and it has turned into a living space with accommodation, restaurant and event opportunities thanks to the addition of 9 luxury tiny houses in it. You can visit Rita farm, spreading over 17 acres of land, for brunch or accommodation, have a real natural life experience in the heart of the city, and check out the natural lifestyle workshops for children. The 9 luxury tiny houses in Rita Ciftlik have a capacity of hosting 36 people, and is open for 4 seasons.

  • Sapanca Golevi Tiny House Hotel

Sapanca Golevi Tiny House Hotel is located right in front of the Sapanca Lake, in the middle of spectacular natural beauties. The mobile home in Sapanca Golevi Tiny House is attractive for nature lovers who want to spend time in nature, relax, and have a mesmerizing vacation. At Sapanca Golevi Tiny House Hotel, there are 10 luxury tiny houses offering accommodation facilities for 2-4 people.

  • Adrasan Tiny House Hotel

Adrasan Tiny House is located in Antalya. Opened in 2021, this tiny house hotel is ideal for those who like to fish. In addition, another factor making accommodation in the region outstandingly attractive is Adrasan's unique climate and geography. The mobile homes also bring together the opportunities to enjoy barbecue in the evenings, dine in fresh air and indulge yourself in gorgeous nature. The Adrasan Tiny House has a capacity to accommodate 16 people.

  • Gulet Tiny House

With its seafront location in Assos, Canakkale, Gulet Tiny House appeals to those who enjoy swimming in the sea. Offering an accommodation capacity for 44 people, this luxury tine house is also a unique holiday resort thanks to the magnificent nature and climate of Assos.

Planned and designed all with Mooble House products, you can enjoy life in nature in these tiny houses. You can witness unforgettable moments in these luxury spots that are the center of attraction with their convenience and different activities offered in all 4 seasons. You can discover these accommodation opportunities in luxury tiny houses, the rising star of recent times!