Mo.1 Tiny House

Mo 1. for functional and compact solutions.Check out our Tiny House models! Under the same model roof, we offer 4 different tiny living spaces, each for 4 people, from 5.6 meters to 6.50 meters in length.

Mo.2 Tiny House

Separate fictions were designed for people who frequently travel, those who work from home office, and those who prefer two separate living spaces within the same compound. We offer solutions beyond your expectations with 9 different tiny living spaces under the same model framework!

Mo.3 Tiny House

We invite those who dream of a tiny house with a mezzanine floor, those who search for possibilities to watch the sky from their bed,to examine our Mo. 3 models. Check out the amazing options that reach up to 8 meters now.

Mo.4 Tiny House

We offer 4 different designs under the Mo. 4 model, where each piece of furniture can offer more than one function owing to its smart furniture design,providing home office workers with unlimited freedom in nature. With Mooble House, it is only a matter of time before you have a mobile home that fully meets your needs.

Mo.5 Tiny House

The optimum solution for tiny house lovers who want to change locations frequently and adopt being mobile as a way of life is belowour Mo. 5 model! Enjoy your journey!