Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to the most wondered questions about Mooble House. You can contact us through our email or our communication form if you have more questions.

  • Is it possible to live in Mooble House in summer and winter seasons?
    Mooble House is suitable for both winter and summer. The required level of insulation for summer/winter uses are provided and the equipment is adapted for both seasons.
  • Can I tow Mooble House with an ordinary vehicle?
    We suggest that Mooble House should be towed by a vehicle which has a certain engine power and a sufficient towing capacity. Vehicles with towing capacity between 2.7 and 3.5 tons are suitable to tow Mooble Houses. These vehicles are mostly 4x4 off-road, pick- up and jeep types. You can contact to us to ask whether your vehicle is enough to tow.
  • Do you need a permit to tow your Mooble House on roads?
    Mooble House Tiny Houses are manufactured under the regulations of 2018/858 EC . All of our products are in line with this regulations. Mooble House products has EC-TYPE Approval which allows our vehicles to be towed anywhere is Europe. There is no permit needed to tow your Mooble House on highway since it is a licensed vehicle. We are issuing Certificate of Conformity for you to register your local notary for your license and plate.
  • Is it possible to modify furnitures inside Mooble House?
    You can customize your Mooble House with any accessorizes and equipments just as like your home. Mooble House equipment packages options will also support you on your choice.
  • Is it possible to add protection features to Mooble House such as alarm system and shutter?
    These features can be added optional.
  • Is it easy to sell and purchase Mooble House in second-hand market?
    Since Mooble House is a licensed vehicle, purchasing process can be implemented by notary easily.
  • Is there any motor vehicle tax or any tax obligation that comes by purchasing Mooble House?
    There is no custom tax obligation for Tiny Houses in Europe. There is also no yearly tax duty.
  • Will you be providing the transportation service of my Mooble House If I don’t have the appropriate vehicle?
    Mooble House solution partners provide towing service for your Tiny House. You can also pick your Tiny House from our factory or nearest
  • What is the delivery time of Mooble House when I order it?
    Your Mooble House will be ready in no more than 45-60 days.