Functional Furniture and Uses in Mobile Homes

Portable home living brings with it the demands of living within a limited space, while at the same time encouraging the search for ways to make the most of that space. Functional furniture and smart use of space play an important role in making efficient use of this minimalist lifestyle. 
Here are some functional furniture used in Mooble House Tiny Houses and tips on how to use them:

Mezzanine Stairs in Tiny Houses 

An effective way to save space in all mobile home models is to utilize the space under the mezzanine stairs. These spaces can be used as storage areas. You can make room for books, clothes, kitchen utensils or other items. Adding drawers or shelves in these areas also creates more versatility.

Functional Furniture for Portable Homes | Mooble House

Underarm Storage Area

Using the underside of a sofa as a storage space is one of the most common strategies for making effective use of a small home. Under the seat is the perfect place to store clothes, shoes, household items or other items.
Functional Furniture for Portable Homes | Mooble House

Creating Mini Closets

Using mini wardrobes in bedrooms is an ideal way to store clothes and other items. These mini wardrobes allow you to keep your belongings organized and save you space.

Functional Furniture for Portable Homes | Mooble House

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is an essential part of Tiny House living. For example, a piece of furniture that functions as a coffee table when closed, but can turn into a dining table or a desk when opened, helps you use your living space efficiently. With this furniture, you can quickly respond to different needs within the same space.

Functional Furniture for Portable Homes | Mooble House

Murphy Bed and Wardrobe

Retractable beds can be used as a comfortable bed at night and fold up against the wall during the day to free up space. You can also integrate a wardrobe function into this space. This design allows the bedroom to get more usable space.

Functional Furniture for Portable Homes | Mooble House

Tiny House living requires a balance with the ability to use limited spaces wisely. Functional furniture, storage and versatile designs make this lifestyle more comfortable and functional. Intelligent design of small living spaces allows for greater comfort and freedom, and opens the doors to sustainable living for mobile home owners.