Tiny House Models

As the number of tiny house manufacturers increases and the needs change, the tiny house models are also diversifying. Users who are going to buy a tiny house for individual accommodation are doing various research to find out which model is the most suitable for them among so many options.

In order for you to make a choice between tiny house models without feeling lost, you should first determine how many people you need to accommodate and find a capacity. Then you have to decide whether you want the living and sleeping areas together, decoupled with a different room or designed with a mezzanine floor.

The fact that the sleeping area is on the mezzanine floor allows you to see the sky every morning when you wake up thanks to the skylight. You can even order more than one window if you want. The mezzanine floor, which you can reach by a standard staircase or a sailor's ladder, is also the children's favorite area to play. Choosing the sleeping area as a separate room is completely related to your comfort habits. Extra storage spaces can even be created in this separate room. If the sleeping and living area are preferred to be joint together, the seats in the living area are practically turned into beds. In fact, in all models, it is usually taken into account that the seats of the living area can be unfolded and turned into a bed. In addition, the bottom of these seats are designed as storage space.

Tiny House Models for Accommodation Purposes

All tiny house models are suitable for accommodation. Because in fact, the first purpose in the construction of tiny houses is to be able to live in nature for four seasons. Accordingly, regardless of the model, its internal equipment and exterior are configured in accordance with maximum comfort conditions. Tiny house models can be used as a chalet or as a seaside summer house if you want. Thus, after the network connections are also made, you can start living with real home comfort. You can also earn income by renting out your small house during the periods that you are not using it.

Tiny House Commercial Models

As mobile home models have increased and become loved by users, the use of tiny houses for different functions has also come up. Investors have started to research in which categories they can invest and open a business with tiny house models. Because the model required for a holiday resort and the model required for a cafe are completely different from each other. Tiny house models are shaped in accordance with the needs in terms of capacity and interior design. The decisions made regarding the exterior facade are usually in line with aesthetic appearance.

Tiny House Hotel

As we mentioned in our previous articles, thanks to the tiny house models, you can realize a great accommodation/hotel or holiday facility, and even reach a high occupancy rate in a short time.

Many tiny house hotels that have been opened so far are on our site and you can examine it from the hotel tab. You can also read on the relevant pages which models these hotels are installed with according to their location, business purpose and desired capacity.

Tiny House Sales Office

With tiny house models, you can create a sales office or a waiting area for your guests. As the sales office of a residential project, you can find ideal solutions among the tiny house models as a waiting area for the guests of a facility. If you wish, you can also place an order according to the capacity and interior design you need.

Tiny House Cafe

Tiny house also offers highly functional solutions as a cafe. There are mobile coffee sellers with tiny houses, cooking areas in facilities in nature, even productions aimed at distributing treats to travelers in cold and snowy areas that can are freezing. We think that the opening of tiny house cafe by the new generation of coffee shops is imminent.

Tiny House Shop

Thanks to the luxury tiny home models, you can open a boutique or you can sell your products by positioning one of the branches of your chain brand in nature. With luxury tiny homes, which have durable and long-lasting interiors ideal for selling all types of products, you can also realize the business idea you have always dreamed of in a very short time.