Mobile Home

Mobile Home

At the top of the most searched words by those who like to live in nature is the mobile home. However, mobile home should not be confused with a standard dwelling, bungalow, or caravan. Conventional building materials are rarely used in the production of mobile home products, and they require application techniques with the use of different materials. The reason for this is mobile homes are subject to the Highway Law, they are generally used in the nature environments and there are weight limits.

In the production of mobile homes, mostly imported materials from the boat and caravan sector are supplied, and insulation comfort is provided both as a standard structure and an extremely durable factor for long-lasting use. Accordingly, it would be more accurate to evaluate the prices of mobile homes in the light of this information. In addition, when comparing mobile homes from different brands, it is also necessary to keep in mind the products used, the brands of the products and their specifications.

When comparing prices of mobile homes, another topic that customers are the most curious about is the size of the interior space. Since the mobile home has the status of a vehicle, the size is not measured in square meters. Accordingly, the design and equipment of the tiny house model are also among the elements that affect the price. For this reason, mobile homes prices should be evaluated based on how many people it is suitable for, its design, equipment, and functions.

Mooble House Mobile Homes

We should note that Mooble House products are mobile, portable, wheeled, tiny house and they are in the same category. In addition, Mooble House, which can also offer wheelless products according to the wishes and needs of users, also attracts attention with its designs suitable for different usage areas.

Mooble House is able to produce solutions for all needs with its 2, 4, 6, 8-seater models and Higline, Midline, Basicline options, and carries out production in accordance with the rules set by Highway Laws such as ceiling height and weight. In addition, users can also make additions such as white goods, electronic goods, additional furniture, terrace, stairs from the option list if they wish. After all the additions are made, the final price is formed.

Mooble House creates a cost advantage in multi-unit orders depending on the realization of industrial production. I the production facility consisting of 11,000 square meters indoor and 20,000 square meters outdoor area, 4,000 pieces of turnkey delivery mobile homes can be produced in a year. Thanks to the superior quality, high capacity and cost advantage brought by industrial production, it is becoming the most attractive brand of multiple purchases in terms of price.