What is a Mobile Home?

What is a Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are considered the main category or the main heading of models such as mobile houses, small house, wheeled house, micro house, tiny house. These are structures that have started to integrate into our lives with a minimalist lifestyle. However, despite this definition, people who are researching about mobile homes might be confused about the concepts as there are a lot of information that could cause confusion and this may lead to a misinformation about said structures. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about the mobile home, we will point out the differences between modular home systems and mobile home.

Mobile Tiny House with Wheels

Mobile tiny house with wheels refers to mobile products with a license plate and registration. These structures, which comply with the Traffic Highways Regulation, can be placed on various terrains, are defined as mobile houses, and stand out with the feature of being wheeled and towable.

An important feature that makes mobile tiny house products with wheels distinguishable from other mobile products is that it provides the user with the comfort of a home everywhere with its hardware. For example, the kitchen sink, toilet, and bed options of a tiny house are of the same quality and weight as the ones you use in your home. Moreover, if you wish, it can also accommodate comfort elements such as air conditioning, dishwasher, and oven. In other words, even if you are in the middle of an isolated place in the nature, it is seen as the ideal solution if you are a person who does not want to compromise on their comfort.

These houses, which have the status of vehicles, are also a reason for preference due to the fact that they can be delivered quickly. The mobile wheeled tiny house, which is produced within 45-60 days and presented to the user, quickly allows people to live in harmony with the nature they dream of.

The Relationship between the Popular Tiny House and Modular Home Systems

These tiny houses, which are perhaps among the most frequently encountered models, are examined under the roof of modular home systems and have the characteristic of being buildings. Since they do not have the status of a caravan or vehicle, they are generally transported on a truck and placed on the site with the help of a crane. This type of construction offers the comfort of a home to the user, as in mobile home models, and attracts the attention of those who prefer to be sedentary and stationary for a long time.

These tiny house models, which can meet with the user who will get turnkey delivery in a short time, have the feature of being more customizable since compliance with the Highways Regulation is not sought. Accordingly, the modular house system in question is known for being suitable for zoned plots.

Uses of Tiny House in the Tourism Sector

Different tiny house models, the use of which is starting to increase more and more in the tourism sector, are the preferred choice of many investors, especially with fast delivery and installation features. Mobile home or modular home systems, which play a key role in increasing capacity or installing facilities in a short time, are also known for eliminating the disadvantages of construction. Meanwhile, the fact that it provides a return on investment to the investor in different periods thanks to the possibility of using it in four seasons makes tiny house models the center of attention.

With Mooble House You Can Choose to be a Mobile House Owner or a Modular Home Owner

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