Minimalist Living in Nature

Minimalist Living in Nature

In almost all sectors, there has been a craze for consumption, hoarding and stocking. However, these things couldn't bring us happiness and peace and that's why we tend to reduce the things we own and only look for things we need. In other words, we are transforming our lives with minimalist philosophy, especially after the severe conditions of the pandemic, we can internalize the “less is more” discourse more intensively.

With the pandemic, everyone who had to live for a long time in high-rise buildings, no matter how spacious and comfortable, between four walls had the same desire: to go outside, look at the sky, breathe fresh air, touch the grass with bare feet, to be one with nature. Even living in nature, if possible.

From the past to the present, people of all ages, from children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, have needed the calming and healing effects of nature and have been looking for ways to reach it. Those who lived in houses with gardens or sites with parks in them were partially lucky. However, others, who make up the majority to be expressed in millions, sought new ways because they were also deprived of these opportunities. Camping and caravans came at the very beginning of these opportunities because these were the most well-known methods for living in nature. As the effects of the pandemic continued, tiny house became popular when users started looking for a new, comfortable, mobile, and even stylish accommodation option other than camping and caravans.

Minimalist Living with Tiny House

Tiny house is very different from camping and caravan life because it offers real home comfort. Moreover, they have an extremely modern and stylish appearance. At the same time, it also allows you to be mobile thanks to its mobility.

Those who prefer to live in nature need very few things in everyday life. The reason for this is that most of the day is spent outside either doing gardening or doing everyday chores. Therefore, it is enough that the necessary areas for sleeping, cooking, resting, doing personal care and meeting needs are of minimal size, there is no need for more. Accordingly, even if there is more space, it would be unnecessary because it will not be used.

On the other hand, the tiny house to be lived in is known for the environmental friendliness of the materials used in its production and added with personalization. For example, materials are all in harmony, from the wood preferred for floor and wall covering in the interior to the wood preferred for the exterior facade, and they are supplied from sustainable sources. While selecting these materials, the user's four-season heating-cooling comfort conditions are also considered, and it is prioritized to get the highest level of efficiency every season.

Mooble House and Minimalism

The first article of the founding principles of the Mooble House brand is minimalism. Mooble House manufactures the most modern tiny house products of Turkey in accordance with European quality standards, develops new models and new customization options according to increasing needs.

Mooble House is the most preferred tiny house brand in both Turkey and Europe today. The most important reason for this is that the minimalist design philosophy is reflected on every detail of the product. While Mooble House products are mass-produced in the factory based on tiny house models with industrial principles, each product is structured individually by artisan craftsmen and personal wishes are added.

Mooble House, which is the production of a multidisciplinary team, offers different models depending on the wishes of the users, but it can produce products according to the rules governed by the Highway Code, such as length, ceiling height and total weight.

Those who encounter Mooble House products for the first time usually say that they are fascinated by three main elements.

  • Architecture, form, and facade materials in the exterior,
  • The fact that the interior is gracefully designed compared to a classic house or caravan
  • When they start living in it, they don't need more space and spend almost all the year in the luxury tiny home

In the feedback received from Mooble House owners, all tiny house users state that they use much less space and consume many other things less by switching to minimal living without compromising on comfort. They add that since they are usually engaged in agriculture, they provide their food needs by harvesting crops, and they eat much healthier and more balanced compared to previous periods of their lives.

Where to Start Minimalist Living

Minimalist living in nature means that many behaviors, decisions, and preferences change completely, and those who are not yet ready for this change may need to experience a tiny house, even if it's for a short time. If you are one of those people who want to experience a tiny house and wonder what minimalist living can bring you, you can take the first step by making a weekend stay, you can plant the first seeds of minimalism with an unforgettable experience