I Do Not Want to Share the Sky with Anyone Else

As the Mooble House team, we visited Mr. Hüseyin who is a Lawyer. He's been using our Mo.1 635 model for about two years. We wanted to hear about the product experience from the end user and also, we wanted to see the living space that it created from scratch.

Mr. Hüseyin has created an oasis on his land in a secluded village of Balıkesir. We were fascinated when we saw the living space he established on this land, which is an agricultural area. It all started when he found out that he had to buy a Tiny House because of the quality of the land. The land is surrounded by very old trees on all sides and in the middle, there is a humble yet very productive garden in which grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Mooble House is located at a point that dominates the entire land. In order to determine the position of the solar panels in the most accurate way, he set up a camp on the land at night and followed the sun. Mr. Hüseyin, who travelled across Turkey by camping during his high school years, stated that he saw Mooble House on social media and placed his order when he went to the fair to take a look at it, and continued his words by saying,

“I preferred Mo.1 635. I liked the design and construction materials of the product, but I was most attracted to the skylight. Moreover, I ordered not one, but two skylights, because I do not want to share the sky with anyone else. I preferred aluminum cladding on the exterior, I haven't had to do any maintenance yet. In winter, thanks to the superior insulation of the product, we have a comfortable time without the need for any heat source until December. In the interior, I was offered the opportunity to choose everything I wanted, from the upholstery and countertop to the floor covering and wall paints. Thus, it was extremely enjoyable to use it by personalizing it. For those who are thinking of owning a Mooble House, I recommend buying the product from the factory, turnkey, all inclusive. I enjoy the comfort of buying with an all-inclusive package from air conditioning to bug screens.

The mezzanine floor of the product is also the favorite area of children. They pack up their toys and go to the mezzanine, and it's hard to get them out of there. We have also installed a trampoline and a swing in the garden, but we usually play football.

We grow many products such as carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers in the garden with the support of friends from the village, and we share the surplus crop with our loved ones. I get the water straight from the the well because there is no water supply network on the land. In nature, we don't need much anyway, the time is mostly spent on gardening: hoeing, weeding, collecting ripening products.”

As Mooble House team, we enjoyed listening to Mr. Hüseyin's inspiring story in nature and observing the life he built from scratch on his land. After the dinner we prepared together in the garden, we set off on our way back before sunset. When we asked if he had any last words when saying goodbye, he replied, “Beauty is a relative concept but Mooble House is absolute beauty.”

We would like to thank Mr. Hüseyin very much for his sincere conversation, hospitality and everything he has kindly prepared.

Until we meet again in new adventures with Mooble House.