What is a Mobile Home?

Mobile Home, as the name implies, refers to mobility, that is, portability.

It is possible to see different types of houses with different mobility characteristics. For example, it could be one with a trailer and license, other ones could be portable and modular etc. Tiny House also appears as a mobile home, portable home.

Mobile Homes generally offer more minimal living spaces. It is designed and produced in sizes suitable for transportation in order to create and maintain the mobility feature.

The minimal areas of mobile homes also allow the user to consume at a minimum level and to control their consumption, while creating awareness for them to live a simpler life.

Today, the world that we are living in, the challenges of living conditions, housing problems and the climate crisis require responsible and conscious production-consumption methods.

Design, Production and Material Selection Processes

The versions of mobile homes with license plates and registration are produced in accordance with the standards of the Traffic Highways Regulation. Mobile homes, which are modular fixed, are usually transported on a truck and placed in position with the help of a crane on the site. In these products, production is carried out by staying within the different dimensions required by transportation.

Mooble House mobile homes are produced in a factory environment in accordance with industry principles and are ready for delivery.

Thanks to their portability feature, tiny house models do not leave a permanent damage on the land where they are parked or settled. Mobile homes with different functions can be produced. For example; It can be designed and put into use as a home, hotel, office, cafe, shop.

Mooble House mobile home products are produced with sustainable, environmentally friendly and long-lasting materials. The durability brought by its mobility feature plays a role in the selected materials and production techniques.

Material choices suitable for mobility are very important. Because it needs to be resistant against the jolts or bumps during the journey. The superstructure of Mooble House products is made of Light Gauge Steel (LGS). It is flexible, durable and lightweight. It is also completely recyclable. From the material used on the exterior to the ceramic selection in the bathroom area, it has the property of being suitable for mobility with all its features. At the same time, it makes life ergonomic in nature by offering a comfort resembling home.

Mooble House luxury tiny homes are produced in the factory with industrial principles. It goes through the design and production process by a multidisciplinary team of Architects, Industrial Product Designers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers. Thus, they are known as long-lasting, guaranteed and high user satisfaction products.

With Mobile House, Find the Comfort of A Home Wherever You Go

Mobile homes, which are vehicles with a license plate and registration, are close to caravan products in terms of mobility, while providing the comfort of a home wherever you go with the living space it offers.

Mooble House tiny homes are suitable for use in 4 seasons. It offers different insulation alternatives in accordance with the geographical and climatic conditions in which it will be used.

Distinctive Features of Mooble House Mobile Homes

The most important feature that distinguishes a Mooble House mobile home from other mobile products is that it provides its user with the comfort of a home everywhere. Mooble House mobile homes stand out with their robust structures and equipment. For example, the kitchen sink, toilet and bed are of the same quality and weight as the one you use in your home. Moreover, if you wish, it also includes comfort elements such as air conditioning, dishwasher, and an oven. In other words, it is ideal for those who do not want to compromise on their comfort even if they are in the middle of nowhere and nature.

Mooble House luxury tiny homes are products suitable for use in 4 seasons with their strong insulation and air conditioning equipment. In summer, you can enjoy your days with your luxury tiny home, which you will position in a summer town of your choice in the south, and in winter, you can park in the woods close to your business in the city. In this way, you can sip your coffee on Friday evening in your own forest house that is only a short car ride away from work. In fact, when you decide to live permanently or temporarily in another country, you can only take your suitcase with you and have your Mooble House mobile home sent to your address by land or sea.

You can often come across Mooble House products preferred by everyone from different regions in Turkey and Europe.