Tiny House Prices


The price scale in the tiny house sector is quite broad. Because each manufacturer uses different materials with different production technology or methods. These differences are reflected in the price scale. So let's take a look at how you should evaluate these differences. Let us simplify the seemingly complex criteria for you by examining them closely.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tiny House?

There are a variety of tiny houses on the market for various requirements, preferences and usage patterns. Each mobile house brand has its own production technology and design approach. Consumers who consider buying a tiny house make their choice after examining all the details, but the first thing to be aware of is that the product must have the status of a caravan. The second factor is to make sure that the product is adequate for living in 4 seasons.

We do not recommend the purchase of tiny house products that are not in caravan status and are not produced for living in 4 seasons. Because after purchasing the product, you may have to give up the product as your expectations and goals will not be met.

As Mooble House, especially for those who want to buy a mobile house for the first time, we recommend that they choose among our tiny house models according to their living habits after explaining the technical features of our products in detail. Since all our models conform to the required status and are suitable for living in all seasons, you can purchase them with complete confidence.

How are Tiny House Prices Determined?

Tiny house construction should not be confused with the construction of a standard house, bungalow or caravan. Conventional building materials are rarely used in tiny house construction. It requires various materials and implementation techniques. Since mobile houses are subject to Highway Law, they are usually used in nature and have weight limits. Mostly imported materials are supplied from the boat and caravan sector. Furthermore, it is both extremely durable for long-lasting use and provides insulation comfort like a standard building. In the light of this information, it would be more accurate to evaluate tiny house prices. When comparing tiny houses from different brands, it is necessary to consider the products used, the brands and features of the products.

Another of the most wondered issues when comparing tiny house prices is the size. Since mobile houses are classified as vehicles, size is not measured in m2. In addition, the design of the model affects the equipment. Therefore, tiny house prices should be evaluated based on how many people it is suitable for, its design, equipment and functions. As Mooble House, we can produce solutions for all needs by offering 2,4,6 and 8-person models with Higline, Midline and Basicline options. Moreover, users can also add white goods, electronics, additional furniture, terraces, stairs, etc. from our option list. After all additions are made, the final price is calculated.

As Mooble House, since we make industrial production, we create a cost advantage in large order production and share this advantage with the buyer. In our 11.000 m2 indoor and 20.000 m2 outdoor factory, we can produce 4.000 turnkey tiny houses in 1 year. Thanks to our superior quality, high capacity and cost advantage brought by industrial production, we are the most appealing brand in terms of price for multiple purchases.

Can a Tiny House Loan be Withdrawn?

Can Tiny House be Leased?

As Mooble House, we are able to respond to loan and leasing requests for both individual users and corporate buyers through the financial institutions we have contracted. Thus, we make it possible to own a tiny house by paying installments to the financial institution like buying a house or a car. We also offer a solution for the investor, especially in multiple purchases, tourism facilities or resort establishments. With Mooble House, the investor can set up a tiny house facility in a short period of time and the facility is operational while paying the loan or leasing installments.