Golevi Hotel

Using Tiny House hotel products from Mooble House, you can create and offer an accommodation experience in which one feels right at home while in the middle of wilderness.

The very first example to hotel use of Mooble House products is in Sapanca. All rooms offered by Sapanca Golevi Konaklama ve Restaurant consist of Tiny Houses from Mooble House. The rooms were designed to house 2 to 4 people in various alternatives including mobile homes with lofts, junior mobile homes and senior mobile homes. Sapanca Golevi started offering its services immediately after it was established right in the middle of nature. The construction, which did not involve conventional methods, was completed in a very short time and without harming nature or even changing the location of a single tree.

With tiny houses from Mooble House, it is now possible for tourism investors and hospitality industry entrepreneurs to quickly implement detached accommodation-oriented hotel projects in the wilderness.