Making low risk and efficient investments are possible when smart and optimal solutions are offered to supply unmet needs.


It is obvious that outdoor tourism is gaining momentum and budget share all over the developed world. As a natural consequence of this trend, we foresee that mobile accommodation products and their different applications will have a larger demand in the future.

Below it can be seen three most important features that Mooble House legally considered as a vehicle with traffic permits.

  • It makes it possible to utilize all types of land individually and / or investing purposes within the limitations of laws.


  • Individual Purchases: Mooble House offers its owners the opportunity to have a vacation at any location and allows it to be rented out during idle periods. Depending on which region this investment is made, it provides a short payback period.


  • Corporate Investor: Mooble House mobile accommodation units can be positioned as perfect tourism facility rooms. There is no need for expensive infrastructure investments thanks to its off-grid solutions. Also, Investors can increase their existing hotels capacity by purchasing mobile accommodation units.


With these features, Mooble House offers a low-risk option to businesses with limited room capacity and to new investors during periods when large investments cannot be made.