What Are the General Features of a Tiny House?

What Are the General Features of a
Tiny House?

The biggest feature of these wheeled vehicles generally varying between 4 and 8 meters, is of course their mobility. In this way, it is not a dream anymore to live in your own house in a cute town you set your eyes on without being tied to a single place.

The feature differentiating Tiny House from other mobile structures is its ability to offer the comfort of a home to its user. Compared to caravans and tents, Tiny Houses stand out with their solid structures and equipment. For example, a kitchen sink, toilet, and bed in a Tiny House can offer the same quality and comfort as your home. Moreover, if you wish, your small house can also contain comfort elements such as air conditioning, dishwasher, and oven. In other words, it is ideal for those not willing to compromise on their comfort even in the middle of wilderness.

Although Tiny Houses may seem like vehicles to be used solely in summer at first glance, they are also suitable for use in winter with their strong insulation and air conditioning equipment. You can have a summer experience in the most enjoyable way with your Tiny House positioned in a summer town of your choice in the south; and in winter, you can park your house in a forested area close to your place of work in the city. In this way, you can sip your coffee in your own forest house after a short car ride on a Friday evening.

One of the considerations when buying a Tiny House is the infrastructure on which you will position your house. Although they are widely used connected to the general city electricity and water network, Tiny Houses can also be self-sufficient depending on the equipment package you choose. From machines that provide for their daily energy needs with solar panels to those producing fertilizer from the waste materials of the toilet, there is no limit to technology.

It seems certain that this enjoyable trend will spread rapidly in our country where there are plenty of nature lovers. With new technologies and production possibilities, mobile Tiny Houses can offer their users both comfort and fun in the wild within the same package.

Well, we seem to hear you say, what would it be like if these Tiny Houses came together and appropriate spaces were designed for them? Yes, there are facilities designed for Tiny Houses abroad. Tiny House owners can safely park their homes in these facilities. These facilities, which are generally located in green areas, provide infrastructure needs, and they also give Tiny House owners the opportunity to socialize with people who share a similar lifestyle. As Mooble House, we continue our efforts to bring examples of these facilities to our country.