The Pioneer of Experiencing Accommodation in Nature: Mooble House

As Mooble House, we design and manufacture our tiny house products with options that comes with or without wheels, in accordance with industry principles, with our team which includes people working in different disciplines. Our products are in class O2 under their own European type of approval certificate. With our 11,000 m2 indoors and 20,000 m2 outdoors production areas, we have a modular volume production capacity of 4,000 units per year. Our products, which we produce using the CAD-CAM infrastructure in our factory, are used safely and enjoyably in 19 countries including America and Europe.

All of our products comply with the 2018/858 Trailer legislation and are suitable for towing on all highways in Turkey and Europe. We build our models gracefully so that you can use them in any country in the world and on any piece of land.

With our high production volume, we offer our superior quality products in the range of 3.5-8.5 m and a maximum of 3.5 tons in weight, with different model and design alternatives.

Our products have been road-tested for 20,000 km and crowned their success with more than 200 individual user experiences.

Become a Mooble House Owner in 45 Days

Our products are preferred as the most ideal solution for end users who want to live a comfortable life in nature. Because with its wheeled models, it can be towed to the desired location in accordance with the Highway Code as registered and license plated vehicles.

An individual user can have the Mooble House 45 days after placing an order, while a tourism facility can also make the product available for use within 45 days. Thus, tourism investors can offer the comfort of accommodation in nature to their customers in their facilities.

For those who want to own a Mooble House in a much shorter time, we can make delivery within 7-14 days from the models we have in stock.

Special Commercial Solutions for Tourism Investors from Mooble House

As Mooble House, we offer corporate commercial solutions for tourism investors.

We enable tourism investors to increase their capacity quickly with a single or collective purchase or rental model without missing the season; we also support entrepreneurs who will invest in new accommodation-facilities to make their unique dreams come true by working on special projects. Thus, the number of rooms can be increased in the same season without the need for long and costly construction investments in the facilities and without harming the nature. All processes are shortened as our products provide a comfortable accommodation experience for 4 seasons, renders the investor advantageous with fast return on investment and are a turnkey solution.

Our domestic accommodation facilities that include the long-lasting and superior quality Mooble House models are available in Kaş, Adrasan, Urla, Beykoz, Assos and Sapanca regions. Meanwhile, we have new projects that will soon be presented to luxury tiny home lovers.

After-Sales Service

 As Mooble House we offer our products with a 24-month warranty. In addition, we also provide after-sales service in order to solve technical problems that may occur in accordance with the request of users.

Turkey's first mobile home insurance from Mooble House

Turkey's first and only mobile home insurance was implemented under the leadership of Mooble House. Mooble House products were secured with the cooperation of Eureko Insurance at vdf Insurance. Mobile home insurance covers the following services: Fire, theft, flood, earthquake, locksmith, rescue, glass damage, automobile insurance.

Mooble House Evaluates Dealership Requests

Mooble House has showrooms in Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Göcek and Antalya in Turkey, and also in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, the Dominican Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom. The showrooms opened through a dealership are met with intense interest not only in the country, but also in Europe, and users are offered the opportunity to experience the product.

Our Manifesto

Mooble House,

  • Brings people together with nature.
  • Encourages users to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Is produced by considering the needs, habits and wishes of the user and is open to continuous improvement.
  • Aims to provide a comfortable experience to its users with the principle of sustainability at every step from design to production, and from material supply to furniture selection.
  • Is produced with durable, long-lasting materials by taking the natural conditions into consideration. All components are of high-quality standards.
  • Prioritizes user comfort and functional design. The conditions for comfort are constructed with empathy and know-how.
  • Complies with international norms regarding the design and production process.
  • Adopts a simple and minimalist design philosophy.
  • Allows users to live in high comfort conditions under any circumstances, regardless of the places and seasons.

Start your inspiring journey with Mooble House now!